About Kythnos

Located on the western side of the Cyclades complex, Kythnos island is a wonderful place for summer holidays in Greece. With traditional Cycladic architecture, crystal beaches, amazing locations to visit and true sense of Greek hospitality, this island will give you valuable relaxing moments during your vacations.

Chora, Driopida, Merihas and Loutra are the main villages on the island. Kolona is the most famous beach of Kythnos, however there are 65 beaches around the island to visit by car, boat or foot. Some of these beaches are organized, while others are totally secluded. Hiking trails cross the island and lead to interesting monuments that show the rich history of Kythnos. Such a monument is the Medieval Castle of Oria on the northern side, accessible by jeep or foot.

Apart from a wonderful summer destination, Kythnos is also an island with rich culture, as can be seen in the many customs that revive in special occasions and religious festivities. If you have the chance, take part in a local panigiri (religious festival), organized frequently in summer. Also do not miss to taste the local dishes and traditional food at the many seaside taverns around the island.

It is very easy to get to Kythnos by ferry from Piraeus (3 hours) or Lavrion (1,5 hour), two ports of Athens. In summer, there is also frequent ferry connection between Kythnos and other islands of Cyclades.

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Kythnos is the pearl island of western Cyclades, where the vast blue sea is a daily reality, where the skyline is painted in red and gold, where the Greek sun lights on beautiful landscapes and amazing coasts.


The island took its name from Kythnos, the leader of the tribes Driopes who came from Evia island, Greece. The four graves that were excavated in the region Maroulas, close to Loutra village, are the oldest samples of human presence in the Aegean, testifying that the island was inhabited from the Mesolithic Era, between 9500-8500 BC.


Two of the most important customs in Kythnos are the traditional wedding in Chora and the traditional wedding in Driopida. If any of these two customs take place during your visit on the island, make sure you attend it.


In Kythnos, you shall try dishes and sweets that will satisfy every savory demand! Worth to taste are the delicious local meat dishes and fresh sea food dishes. Also, try sfougato (vegetable dish), pork sausages, traditional pies, caper, almond sweets, honey and sesame bars (pasteli) and local cheese (feta, trima, kopanisti).


Kythnos is famous for its 65 golden beaches with crystal clean waters.


Kythnos is famous for its thermal springs that have given to the island its second name, Thermia. The thermal springs of Loutra are in use since the Roman times, but they became widely famous after the doctors and chemists of king Otto of Greece ascertained their therapeutic facilities, in the middle of the 19th century.

How to get to Kythnos

How to get to Kythnos: With ferry from Piraeus in 2-3 hours (distance 52 nautical miles). In summer, ferry schedules are more frequent, while in winter they are sparse. Information: Port Office of Piraeus, tel. (0030) 210 4226000.

About Loutra

Located on the north eastern side of Kythnos, the seaside village of Loutra is where Porto Klaras is found. Loutra is located at 11 km far from the port of Merihas and 4.5 km from Chora, the capital of the island. This is a very popular tourist place thanks to the natural beauty, the nice accommodations and the thermal springs that made the region famous all over the world.