Loutra in Kythnos, Cyclades

Loutra village is located at the northern side of Kythnos, offering a great view to the Aegean sea. It’s one of the most popular places of the island, inhabited since ancient times. This picturesque cycladic village hasn’t lost its traditional character, despite the touristic development, being full of cycladic white houses and churches. The beautiful marina of Loutra is one of the trademarks of the place, welcoming many boats and private yachts all year round.

The main reason Loutra is a popular destination is its famous hot springs and its Hydrotherapy Center. The hot springs in Kythnos are known for having several health benefits and curing many diseases. Two of these hot springs are free to pour into the sea and can be found on the right side of Loutra beach.

At Loutra village, there are also many hotels, cafeterias and amazing fish taverns, where you can taste the traditional greek food, as well as delicious fresh fish and seafood. Some of the must things to do in Kythnos and, especially at Loutra village, are to swim in the many secluded coves and hike at its beautiful natural environment.


About Kythnos

Located on the western side of the Cyclades complex, Kythnos island is a wonderful place for summer holidays in Greece. With traditional Cycladic architecture, crystal beaches, amazing locations to visit and true sense of Greek hospitality, this island will give you valuable relaxing moments during your vacations.

About Loutra

Located on the north eastern side of Kythnos, the seaside village of Loutra is where Porto Klaras is found. Loutra is located at 11 km far from the port of Merihas and 4.5 km from Chora, the capital of the island. This is a very popular tourist place thanks to the natural beauty, the nice accommodations and the thermal springs that made the region famous all over the world.