Aliments - Studios & Appartements Porto Klaras à Loutra, Kythnos, Grèce


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In Kythnos, you shall try dishes and sweets that will satisfy every savory demand! Worth to taste are the delicious local meat dishes and fresh seafood dishes. Also, try sfougato (vegetable dish), pork sausages, traditional pies, caper, almond sweets, honey and sesame bars (pasteli) and local cheese (feta, trima, kopanisti) that were very famous in the antiquity, as they were always served in the Lucullan Feasts in the Roman times.

In the taverns and restaurants of Kythnos, you will try garbanzos in the oven, broad beans, siglino smoked meat, spinach pie (kolopia), kopanisti cheese, tyrovilia (cheese dish) and stuffed squid. Accompany these amazing tastes with local wine and complete your meal with a traditional spoon sweet.

Leaving Kythnos, do not miss to buy local products for you and your friends, such as thyme honey, local wine, sausages, dairy, pasteli honey bars, spoon sweets, almond sweets, traditional pies, handmade ceramics from Driopida and decorative shells for your home.