Kythnos: Beaches, Sightseeing, Villages, map


Kythnos is the pearl island of western Cyclades, where the vast blue sea is a daily reality, where the skyline is painted in red and gold, where the Greek sun lights on beautiful landscapes and amazing coasts.

The island of Kythnos makes senses come alive, while visitors walk through picturesque alleys, admiring the beautiful fragrant flower gardens, watching the traditional houses with austere rooms and the picturesque windmills, surrendering themselves to the caress of the crystal sea.

This island is one of the few unexplored treasures of the Aegean Sea. It invites you to discover its magic at the picturesque villages, the authentic Cycladic alleys and the warm hospitality of the friendly inhabitants. You will be charmed by the traditional houses with the red-tiled roofs, the numerous white churches, the thermal springs, the amazing pine forest of Panagia Kalana that stands out in the barren landscape, as well as by the wonderful beaches.

Located between the islands of Kea and Serifos, right opposite Syros and the uninhabited island of Gioura, Kythnos has a perimeter of 36 miles and length (from north to south) 19 km. The size of the island is 99 sq. km and the distance from Piraeus, the port of Athens, is 52 nautical miles (2 hours and 40 min).

Kythnos will offer you a journey from the distant past to a different aspect of the present, with a tour in its rich history and a getaway to total calmness and relaxation. Come to Kythnos to meet a different Cycladic island. This is a destination that will stay forever in your heart and soul.