Kythnos is famous for its 65 golden beaches with crystal clean waters.

Kolona: Maybe the best beach in Cyclades and one of the most famous in Greece. A stretch of sand connects Kythnos with the island of Saint Minas, creating two beautiful beaches on the right and left side of the stretch.

Fikiada: Probably the most underestimated beach in Kythnos. It is found just before Kolona and probably this is why it loses some of its shine, as it is overshadowed by the impressive beach of Kolona.

Apokrousi: This is one of the longest and most beloved beaches in Kythnos, as it is easy to access and offers natural shade under trees, crystal waters and nice taverns.

Shinari: Easy access by foot for tourists staying in Loutra.

Loutra: On the edge of this beach is one of the two thermal springs. Good choice for a night swim in hot water into a natural pool made of large rocks. Do not miss it!

Potamia: A beach worth to visit, close to Loutra. Be careful on the way down because the road is track.

Skylou: Amazing blue green water. You leave the car up on the road and get down some steps to the beach. Have water and food with you so that you stay until the sunset. Due to the way down and the lack of shadow for shade, this beach is not ideal for small children.

Gaidouromantra: The way down is difficult but worth the trouble!

Episkopi: Easy access to a large beach with beautiful water and trees for shade. There you will find an all day beach bar. Ideal for families.

Agios Sostis: This large pebbled beach has some of the best sea bottoms in Kythnos. The beach has no trees, therefore if you need shade after swimming, better have an umbrella with you. A nice feast to honor the small church of Agios Sostis takes place every year.

Agios Stefanos, Naoussa, Kiouri: These three golden beaches are found on the eastern side of Kytyhnos, close to Agios Yannis. You get there from Chora, Merihas or Driopida. If you holiday on yacht, then you must definitely include them in your schedule.

Agios Yannis: Swim in the picturesque bay of Agios Yannis, with fragrants of thyme and oregano emerging all through the route. You will enjoy a relaxing swim in this beach and you will take photos of the white church there. A bit on the south, there is Cape Tzoulis, where copper mines were found.

Loutra: Next to the popular seaside village of Loutra is one of the most beautiful beaches of Kythnos. The beach of Loutra has soft sand and crystal water that are getting hot on the right side of the beach by one of the closest thermal springs that pour into the sea. Traditional coffee places and bars have tables right on the sand. You can find many taverns and restaurants at the close marina of Loutra, where many boats and yachts moor.

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The 10 best beaches:
Agios Sostis
Loutra - thermal springs