The truth is all Kythnos beaches are beautiful, with golden sand and crystal clear waters! It’s hard to choose the best of them, but we’re going to present you some of the 65 beaches of the island, anyway.

Kolona: Probably the best beach at Cyclades and one of the most popular beaches in Greece. Imagine a large strip of sand connecting Kythnos with the little island of Saint Minas, creating, this way, two beautiful beaches on the right and left side of this strip.

Fikiada: One of the hidden treasures of Kythnos! It is found just before Kolona and that probably why it is overshadowed by the impressive beach of Kolona.

Apokrousi: One of the longest and most loved Kythnos’ beaches! The access is quite easy and once you get there, you can enjoy the natural shade of the trees, the crystal clear waters and the traditional Greek taverns.

Shinari: The perfect choice for those who stay at Loutra, as it is easily accessed by foot.

Potamia: Don’t miss to visit this beach, close to Loutra. But, be careful on the way down, because the road is track.

Skylou: This beach is for emerald water lovers! Leave your car up on the road and walk down to the beach to enjoy swimming until the sun goes down. This beach is not a recommended choice for kids, though, as there is no shade at the way down to the beach.

Gaidouromantra: Although the way down to this beach may be difficult, it definitely worth it!

Episkopi: A beautiful large beach with amazing waters and the natural shade of the trees, ideal for families. If you want a refreshment, there is an all day bar on the beach.

Agios Sostis: This is a large Kythnos’ beach, with pebbles and one of the best sea bottoms of the island. You better bring an umbrella with you, as there is no other shade at this beach. Tip: If you want to join a traditional Greek feast, there is one organized every year to honor the small church of Agios Sostis.

Agios Stefanos, Naousa, Kiouri: These three golden sand beaches are on the eastern side of Kythnos, close to Agios Yannis. You can reach this beach from Chora, Merihas and Driopida. Tip: If you happen to spend your holidays on a yacht, then these beaches are a total must!

Agios Yannis: One of the best things about this beach is the smells of thyme and oregano all over the place. Enjoy swimming and relaxing at the beach and don’t miss to visit (and of course take photos of) the cute white church located there. Tip: On the south of this beach, there is Cape Tzoulis,where copper mines have been found.

Loutra: Loutra beach, located next to the popular seaside village of Loutra, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Kythnos. This beach has soft sand and crystal clear waters that are hotter on the right side of the beach, due to the thermal spring pouring into the sea at this point. At Loutra beach you can find traditional cafeterias and bars with their tables being on the sand, as well as many hotels. Tip: At the little dock of Loutra, where many boats and yachts moor, there are many traditional taverns and restaurants, where you can taste the local food.

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Top 10 Kythnos beaches:




Agios Sostis




Loutra- hot springs