Kythnos Location

Kythnos island is one of the most beautiful islands of Cyclades, as well as one of the most popular ones, thanks to its close distance from Athens. Kythnos accommodation is the perfect way to enjoy relaxing holidays, surrounded by the traditional cycladic architecture, sandy Kythnos beaches with crystal clear waters and beautiful places to explore, all combined with the warm Greek hospitality.

Located between the islands of Kea and Serifos, right opposite of Syros and the uninhabited island of Gioura, Kythnos has a perimeter of 36 miles and length (from north to south) 19 km, while the size of the island is 99 sq. km.

Kythos Greece has many picturesque little villages, with Chora, Driopida, Merihas and Loutra, being the main ones. Amazing beaches is another thing about Kythnos. The island has 65 both organized and secluded Kythnos beaches, reached by car, boat or foot.

One of the best activities to do in Kythnos is hiking, thanks to the hiking trails crossing the island and leading to historical monuments, such as the medieval castle of Oria. This castle is located on the northern side of the island and is accessible by a jeep or foot.

Rich culture is another characteristic of Kythnos island. Every year, many Kythnos customs and local traditions revive during traditional festivities. A very good chance to experience the traditional Greek spirit is to join a local religious festival, also known as “panigiri”, organized frequently during the summer.The best way to peek into the tradition of Kythnos, though, is to taste the local dishes and fresh traditional Kythnos food at the many seaside Kythnos restaurants.

Getting to Kythnos Greece is quite easy! You can take a ferry from Piraeus to Kythnos (3 hours trip), or from Lavrion to Kythnos (1,5 hour trip). Also, during the summer, there are frequent ferry connections between Kythnos and other islands of Cyclades.

Kythnos island is one of the few unexplored treasures of the Aegean Sea. It invites you to discover its magic at the picturesque villages, the authentic Cycladic alleys and the warm hospitality of the friendly inhabitants. You will be charmed by the traditional houses with the red-tiled roofs, the beautiful Kythnos hotels, the numerous white churches, Kythnos hot springs, the amazing pine forest of Panagia Kalana that stands out in the barren landscape, as well as by the wonderful Kythnos beaches!

Kythnos Island

Located on the western side of the Cyclades complex, Kythnos island is a wonderful place for summer holidays in Greece. With traditional Cycladic architecture, crystal beaches, amazing locations to visit and true sense of Greek hospitality, this island will give you valuable relaxing moments during your vacations.

Loutra Village

Located on the northeastern side of Kythnos, the seaside village of Loutra is where Porto Klaras Hotel and Family Suites is found. Loutra is located at 11 km far from the port of Merihas and 4.5 km from Chora, the capital of the island.