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Come arrivare a Kythnos

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How to get to Kythnos: With ferry from Piraeus in 2-3 hours (distance 52 nautical miles). In summer, ferry schedules are more frequent, while in winter they are sparse. Information: Port Office of Piraeus, tel. (0030) 210 4226000.

From the port of Lavrion in 2 hours. Ferry schedules all year round. Information: Port Office of Lavrion, tel. (0030) 22920 25249.

How to get around Kythnos: Local transportation covers the two main road routes on the island, from Merihas to Driopida and from Merihas to Loutra. Over the last years, the transport connection was greatly improved in Kythnos. If you do not have a car or motorbike, you can get around with a taxi. The island also has a heliport on the north east of Chora.

Kythnos is daily connected by ferry with Serifos, Sifnos, Milos, and Kimolos. Twice a week there is a ferry to Santorini, Sikinos, and Folegandros, while three times a week there is a ferry to Kea and Syros.

How to reach the island:
By ferry from the port of Piraeus in 3 hours
By ferry from the port of Lavrion in 1.5 hour
In private yacht that you will moor at the marina of Loutra

The island is ideal for:
Romantic holidays
Fishing and scuba diving
Families with kids
Wedding on Kythnos
Hiking at the traditional trails of the island

What you must taste:
Sfougata (croquettes with local cheese)
Traditional cheese pie
Kolopi (pie with herbs)
Garbanzos in the oven
Trima cheese
Almond sweets
Pasteli bars with local thyme honey
Spoon sweets

10 reasons for a trip to Kythnos

Why go to Kythnos?
- this is an island close to Athens: only 3 hours by ferry from Piraeus and 1.5 hour by ferry from Lavrion, with daily ferries in summer.
- low-cost ferry tickets
- the island has 65 golden beaches
- swim in Kolona, one of the best beaches in Greece
- see the dry walls around the island, used on the hill slopes to restrain water and protect the ground from erosion
- for a pilgrimage to the church of Panagia Kanala
- for a thermal bath at the beach of Loutra, on the spot where the hot water of the spring pours into the sea
- for an amazing night walk at the white alleys of Chora
- for dining at the beach of Loutra next to the waves
- to watch the famous traditional dance Thermian balos in a local panigiri